Iqama Status Check & Expiry Date Saudi Arabia During Covid-19

Check Iqama

what is iqama?

this is the main question which many of us wanna know let me tell you that what actually iqama is and for which purpose it’s used. Iqama is just like an identity card which uses in Saudia Arabia for those people you are working there as we all know that Saudia Arabia is of the largest marketing place where many people are working and doing any business even according to a report there are more foreign then citizens so for security reason and in a good way Saudia government issue iqama for their workers which is proof of that they are working in Saudia Arabia you can not do any job or business without iqama.

Now the question is that how can you apply for iqama here I am going o explain everything about iqama if you want to know then read carefully.

How to Iqama Status Check-in Saudi Arabia 

There are many ways to check iqama status few of them are online methods which is easy to use and few of them are offline methods means directly go to their office. Iqama status check is very important topic for us as if your iqama will be expired then you can not work in Saudia Arabia also you will be charged extra fine when you will apply for renewal so you have to apply for iqama renewal on time o avoiding extra charges and for this process, you have to remember that when you iqama gonna expire and if you don’t know then you used online methods to check iqama status just simply write your iqama id on a website or an app it depends on you which way you wanna choose.

How to Check iqama Expiry Date In Saudi Arabia

As I told you before that how can you check iqama status it’s same in iqama status you will also the expiry date as well but let me tell you some new polices in 2020 if you will not apply for your iqama renewal then its possible that on the third time the government of Saudia Araba will depot you in your home country also if you will make fake iqama they will charge you some fine you will spend time in jail and after that, you will be depot in your country and you can not work again in Saudia Arabia for 5 years.

I will suggest you avoid these things just do everything in the right way which is better for you as well.

As I told you before that what is iqama and how can you use this thing in Saudia Arabia now let me tell you some interesting facts about can get iqama for a study permit which is much easier also visiting visa as well. As Saudia Arabia is very important country for Muslim so we all try to get a visit visa but I will suggest you do not apply for a study visa in Saudia Arabia as its not a good idea if you go for study as its expensive then others.

How to Check the Iqama Validity Date in Saudi Arabia 

You can check iqama validity as well by following the step which I told you before iqama is a very important thing to discuss if you are working in Saudia can use this method in various ways, for example, you can visit a website where you simply put your iqama ID and you will find every detail about iqama.
Absher is one of these various methods where you can check your iqama status this is an application which you can find on the play store this application is directly made by the government of Saudia Arabia as they are making more easy way to check iqama for their workers this is the best and easiest way t check iqama status.

Saudi Iqama Status Check

Iqama is very important documents if you are working in Saudia Arabia it’s just like your identity card so always keep iqama with you if you are goona visit any place in Saudia Arabia otherwise if the police will ask you to show your iqama and that time if you will not have you iqama with you then you will be charged an amount of fine which is really bad for all of us as we are here for working and for our families we are making and saving money for many reasons and how can we lose our saving just because of our laziness so keep in mind don’t ever forget to pick you iqama with you always carry iqama with yourself if you are in Saudia Arabia.

You can check all about you iqama by clicking on this button.

 Saudi Arabia Iqama Details with all Available info.

iqama is for those who are working in Saudia Arabia but also for those who are living in Saudia Arabia with their families many of us are working in Saudia Arabia and living with their families before now there was no rule that you have to apply for iqama for your family as well but in past few years according to the new policy you have to apply for iqama for you wife children or for you parents if they are living with you and you have to pay for all of them as well.

Saudi Arabia Iqama Expiry Date check During COVID-19

Why iqama is so important as we all know that Saudia Arabia is one of the largest marketing places in the world there are many people who are working and came from another country so for their identity, they gave iqama to them in which government can see all their details for example where they worked from which time and from which country they came in Saudia Arabia. They can not give them you citizenship as there are some very strict rules for this you cant get easily so that’s why they make a process of this as an iqama.

How to Get Iqama For Newborn Baby in Saudi Arabia During Covid-19

As we all know iqama is important or everyone so if you are living in Saudi Arabia and also working there but you are not from this country you can from another country so you apply for iqama for you and for you family but there is a question that how can we apply for newborn baby iqama in Saudia Arabia here i am telling you the method step by step so you can read this method and can apply.

  • The first step is that you will ask to the staff of the hospital for a letter in which they will confirm that there is a newborn baby and also their date of birth and other important information you can also get this form from their website.
  • After getting a form from the hospital you will apply for iqama for newborn baby in Ahwal Al Madani which belongs to this department.
  • After applying the department of MOFA will verify that and after verified they will confirm and give a stamp on your form.
  • After this, you can get iqama of a newborn baby and also apply for his passport as well.
After all, this step must-visit Jawazat in Your Area as this is a very important step as well this will confirm that you have a newborn baby and also you will get iqama of the baby after this.
  • If you are getting a problem or they are taking a lot of time for iqama then you can also visit their office and ask them for your problem.
  • you can also check your application by using the online method s which I told you before you have to just write your application number and after that, you will find out that when you are gonna get this iqama for newborn baby.

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