iqama red green

iqama red green

We will discuss here iqama expiry check red green Saudi Arabia. Iqama We all Know that whats’s it means and Why its used for.? And Where It’s Used Specially These are the Common Questions Which are Normally All of Us Know Already.


But Here we will Discuss Only the Iqama Red Green and Iqama red Green Status Checking and Its Features. Here We also Discuss the Process of Red Green iqama. Before Starting The Topic, We want to tell you that you can Check All the Other Details About Iqama Status.

Iqama Red Green Check for the Current Level of You are Suadi Kafeel. Means on Which Status the Kafeel Are Here in the Saudi Government Scale. This Scale Also Means a Shows Reputations about You are Kafeel in Saudi Arabia. Here in Saudi Arabia.



All the Employees work under Any Kafeel, and usually, All the Works Are Not Notice about these things. But If you think that it’s not the Important information which is Impact on you. Then it’s Wrong because the Saudi Government Always Give the best benefits which are on Higher Level. So if you are Kafeel is Low Level or Bank Correcput, then you can Face many Troubles in Future.



It’s a Suggestion that always gets to know about you are Iqama Red Green Status and validity. Because maybe It helps you to Get a Higher or best Job in Suadi Arabia. You can Also Check Iqama Expiry date and Query expiry service on our site. 

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Iqama Red Green Colors.

iqama red green

Check iqama red green expiry Saudi Arabia 2020. The Iqama has the Three Category of Colors divided First Red 2nd Green, and Third Yellow and This Color belongs to the Company or Kafeel in which you are Currently Working. All the Colors have their Benefits and Limits, which are applied by the Selection. Check Your Kafeel name

And here, the Methods are Mentioned and Available with Fully Guidelines and Complete Process Which are Used for Check the Iqama Red Green Status in Saudi Arabia.

 Firstly the Main Method, which is the Official Way to Check this Status in Saudi Arabia. 

To Use this Method, you Have to Click the Given Button and Follows All the Given Steps, which required you will Get you are Search Term Results in Few Secs if You will Follow All the Methods Accurate. This Methods Not need for Any Sing up, or Other types of Details Which are commonly Other Sits Required.

moi iqama check red green.

Moi Iqama Check Red Green Method is the First Method used for It. And it’s natural and based on Few Steps For Checking all The Details about Moi Iqama Check Red Green.

To Check the Red Green Details About Iqama Please Go to the Given button, which helps you to Get open the Main Site Where All the Steps Are Need for Done.


When you Clicked to the button Which Mentioned on the page with Tittle of this Heading, you will Get this Type of Screen, which Mentioned. Here Simpy you Have to Write Some Common Details which are Normally Asking by this Site. Means You are Iqama Full number or Passport Number Number You can Type Both Which you have Easy to Access.

Iqama Red Green Colors.

You can see the Image and With the All Title Given Headings Means Type You are Information int the Given Area and Then Fill the Image code in the next Box and Click to Mention Button.

iqama red green

After the Filling All the Information Correctly and Clicking to the Button in Next Windows You will Get This Type of Screen where all the information will be Shows about You are iqama. Means Here you Can See this Information,

  • You are Fully Name Which is Register in Saudi Government Data Base.
  • Work permit Permission or Details also will be Mentioned here.
  • Employee Status or Employee Working Currently Status Always will Be Shows Here, and you Can Check Also these Details.
  • The Most Important, which is you are Checking for Means Iqama Color Always Here, mention Which is Mark with Red Area in the Image. iqama status red green. iqama status red green Method is the whole Process about the Iqama Color Checking, and this Method is Simpy to Getting all the details about it. In This Method, if You are Facing any Problem or Error while Filling the Iqama Fields, then You can Contact us or Comment us; we Will Helps you to get this information about you are Iqama. iqama status red green Belongs to the official Saudi Data Base, which is Always Provide Accurate information. And this information is also Can be Used for Other Purpose, which is Required. In Saudi Arabia Here Most the Other Ways, which are Also Used for This type of information Checking.

On This Site, You can Check you are Iqama Color with Passport Number Border Number And Iqama Number you can choice Any Method, which is you have to Easily Accessible. And When You Opened this Site. The Site Main Language is By Default into Arabic Which is Some Times Hard to understand, so Here the Suggestion that Please use google Chrome Which Helps you to Translate this site into English, which is Easy to Understand.

Other Wise you can Check you are Details with Given Images Selection.

iqama status red or green.

Iqama Status red Or Green Whats is Means and why Its Apply in Saudi Arabia on iqama These Are the Questions which are no one can think about it. But Here the Details about This Iqama Status Red or Green, which is Explanation about it that what the Type of Iqama Status Required by the Companies any How Much this will Impact on you is iqama.

The Last Year of the End in 2011, The Government Introduced a new Law with the name of Nitqat law. About to this Law or After this Law Publishing. It is essential that all the Private Companies the Limited Employees of Workers of Saudi Arabia. And all the Companies also have specific Jobs for the Saudi Citizen.

And With This, the Government creates some levels about the Reputation of the Kafeel or Companies which are Here.

Iqama Green Color Status

Green Color Always the Color, which is Know as the Save Mode. And if You are Kafeel Iqama Coor is Green its means that you are Save and You can Noting to Worried about it, it Also Means that you are Kafeel have Good Reputation in Saudi Government.

Iqama Red Color Status

Red iqama Color You can Understand by its Tittle or Color Selection. We All Know that the Red Color Always used for the Danger, and here also means the Same. If You are, Kafee has the Red Color Selection, and then it means You Can be any time Get in Trouble. So, When Ever you get any Chance for Changing, you are Kafeel, or if you get any other Job then Please Change you are Current Job because you are kafeel have bad Reputation in Saudi Government.

Iqama Yellow Color Status

Yellows Color means you are Company or Kafeel have the Arrvage Reputation in Saudi Arabia. If You are kafeel Do more hard work or Get new Suadi Employee in his Company, maybe he Will Gets Green Color. Mostly it takes 3 Months.
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