Iqama Mehna Check

Iqama Mehna Check Saudi Arabia 2020 New Method

On this website, you can check all the information about Iqama in Saudi Arabia. Here on this website, when you click on the main Option then you will see many types of Iqamas Articles on the first page of the website. Then you can open and read an article which belongs to your information. By clicking on your demand article you will get your answers from this article.

When you want to check Iqama Services then you can open this website and check all the services about Iqama. In these services, all possible courses of action are explained. we all know about sooner or later that some service will not work. That’s why we can explain all the ideas and possible courses of action in these services.

On this website, you can check 4-5 methods of check Kafeel’s name in KSA. This topic is the most famous and googles top trend nowadays. All other websites are giving only one procedure for Kafeel’s name in KSA. One method is not sufficient for people’s information. Our methods are very simple and easy to understand. 

we explained the Iqama Mehna check which is the most informative topic and easy to understand. we will explain this topic online. No one is applicable to explain this topic online. You can go to our Website and check all the information about the Iqama Mehna check. 

How To Check Iqama Mehna?

On this website, we will tell you about Iqama mehna and its steps. You will have to follow these steps which is important to take information about Iqama Mehna check. In this Website, you can also check the Iqama validity date in Saudi Arabia. you can check all the detail about Iqama Validity in the given article of Iqama validity. If you are an Iqama Holder than it is very informative to know about the introduction of the Iqama Validity date and Iqama Mehna in KSA.

 Now click on the Main site of Detail checking about Mehna which is explained below,


When you click on the above black button then you can see that the given page will be opened. 

Iqama Mahna Check

In this Above given page, you can see all the detail about Iqama Mehna. When you open this page you can see all information about Iqama in this site. Furthermore, when you open this site for the first time in life this website is in the Arabic language. If you know about Arabic then carry on but you can also check detail in the English language. 

Now on the upper side of the page, you can change language Arabic into English. When you change the language you will understand all the topics easily. You can see the language change option in the Google Chrome browser many other browsers hide this option. 

Now on the first page of our website you can see the first topic is MOI Diwan and the second Box is about your Passport and number. Now click on the Iqama Issuance then you will automatically go on the next page which is shown below.

How to Check Iqama Expiry Date

Now on the next page, you will see two option as above shown,

  1. Business 
  2. Individuals

You have to click on the second option which is Individuals. when you click on this option you will automatically go to Absher Application where you can log in to your account. After login to your account, you can get information and detail about Iqama.


how to Check Iqama Expiry Date

Now on the next window, if you are a new user then please select a new user for registration. You have to fill the form of your given information. if you have an account on this app then please select a log in option. 

By clicking on the login option you will go to Query Iqama expiry services, which is given below.

Iqama Mehna Check

Now on the next column, you have to write the Iqama number and in the second box, you have to put code which is given in the image. now at the end Click to View for Iqama Mehna Check.

iqama mehna check Issues

Iqama mehna has some problems which are in the Query to check services. When you come to the Query you can see all the solutions about Iqama Expiry and its services.

Now Here you can check Mehna Without Absher. 

If you don’t have an account on Absher then there is a way to check Mehna without Absher. You can use your relative and friends’ accounts then first you have to register yourself on services. because you can check Iqama Mehna’s information on these services. On this website, you can also make a form of the Ministry of Labor without Absher. 

Iqama Mehna Check and Iqama Status Check Both are Same or not?

Yes, you can search the result of the Iqama mehna check and Iqama Status check which looks like the same result on the site. Both Iqama has the same results and information on the site. You can check all information about the Iqama check on this site. 

How i Find My Iqama Number.?

If you want to check your iqama number then take your iqama in your hand. You can see 14 digits number on Iqama. which is the number of Iqama written in your hand’s book. 

How i Get know about Iqama English.?

Your iqama Detail and information is similar to any other iqama. Your Basic information about iqama is given in the English language. 

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