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With the New Start of the Day Here We Are With New Topic Which is Also Important to Discuss today. That is Iqama Fund. Here we will Explain all about Iqama Fund and its relative Issues. In Saudi Arabia Mostly Workers and Employees are not Focus on it.

Iqama fund basically you Can say it a Charge amount of Riyal which you are Paid Against the using of Iqama. And With Out Iqama Fund you Can Not Live in Saudi Arabia.


Iqama fund Amount is Always Paid Against the Using of Iqama in Saudi Arabia. So Remember if you are Not Using Iqama Service then you can Not pay Iqama fund. Means You Say you can Refund You are Iqama Fund.

You Can Also Read About Some Important Other topics which are also about Iqama for the Example Iqama expiry CheckĀ  Or Iqama Fine Which is Mostly Ever One Want to know About There Iqama Fine in Saudi Arabia. And if you want to Check Fully Iqama Status and All Iqama Details then please Read this Iqama Status Check.

How to Check Iqama Fund?

If you are iqama holder in Saudi Arabia and you want to check Iqama Fund. But you have no anyway for Check iqama Fund then you can Follow These Guidelines which Helps you to Track down you are full information.

To Check iqama Fund Firstly you have to open you are Mobile Browser and search MOI web Portal For check iqama Fund.

  • Search in Google Absher ( And Click the Official Site of this Application Where You can Check the Iqama Fund Details)
  • By Default, this Site Language is into Arabic Which is Hard to Understand for newly people. So Please Click to Change Language into English. And English is One that Language Which is Mostly People Knows Well in Saudi Arabia.
  • Here You Have to Follow the Image Guide Lines. You can see the Image Fully Covered with Mention Option where you have to select. Means Here You have to Click the Public Query Available Funds.

iqama Fund

Here You Can See More Much Options For Different Details Checking. But You Have to Chose only Public Query Available Funds for Iqama Fund Check.

After Selecting That Button or Option then you will receive This Type of Screen or Page of This site.

iqama Fund Check

Here You can Fully See and Understand by Heading That whats is this page About. Means Here You have to Write Simple information About You are Self and then click to View for Getting you are Result.

So here in First Box Type, You are Iqama Number for Check Iqama Fund in Suadi Arabia. And Then in next Box Here Type the Numbers Which is Showing in Image.

Now Click to View Green Button for Moving Forward to next Screen or Step.How to Check iqama Fund

When you Will Done Click on View Button. Then you Will Face this Type of Screen Where You are Whole Details is Mentioned. Means here You are Iqama Fund Details. Which is what you are Looking for.

Iqama Available Fund Check

iqama available fund can also Check by This Method Which is Mention Up. Simply check this method for iqama available fund and Collect you are Fund if You Have.

Before Doing Start any Thing its Important That First Learn About Iqama Available Fund. Means what is this.? And Why we Have to need to Pay it.?

In Saudi Arabia Where the Different Country People Are Working Together and They All have the Different Way of Iqama Status and With Different Iqama policy.

Where Ever Someone gets Service of Iqama in Saudi Arabia Which is Also under the Ministry of Interior with this Also They get Driving License and Visa both are Important for Any Iqama Holder without this, you can not Straggle in Saudi Arabia.

These All Services which you take form The Saudi govt they charge Against it. Means if You take Driving License or Visa firstly you have to pay the Amount of this Service.

And iqama available fund Means you can Buy or Use these Services. you are iqama available fund is Nill you Can not Use These Services in Saudi Arabia.

Here Some Common Things Where You have to pay the Iqama Fund For Using These Services,

  • Huroob Charges Means When Ever You Remove You are Huroob Charges Firstly you have to Load Fund in Iqama with ATM or Online Banking System.
  • Sponsorship Or Kafeel Fees in Saudi Arabia Which is Ever Year You have to pay. It’s Common.
  • Car or Any type of Vehicle Registration Fees Which Also paid by the Iqama Fund.
  • Family Visit Purpose or Family Visa or Extension of Visa Fees also Cleared by Iqama Fund.

These are Some things Where You have to Always pay the Iqama Fund. And This will Always be Done by that Time When you have iqama available fund.

Check iqama Fund

Check Iqama fund is also important if You are nill Fund then you can not pay any fees or any Service Payment. So Whenever You have Time in Saudi Arabia please Check Iqama fund you can Check iqama Fund With Different Simple Methods.

For the Done or Successful Payments Received check Iqama holders Usually Check Iqama Fund through Public Query Funds Which is you can Check anywhere in Saudi Arabia.

But Here the Shortway to Check Iqama Fund with Few Secs. it’s not hard to understand that How to Do this.

So let’s Start the Method Check iqama Fund With Absher Application Which is Use for Ever Service Check-in Saudi Arabia and its To Easy.

Go to the Site Absher by Searching in Google ( Search Absher in Google and Click the First Site which is Absher Application Site )

How to Check Iqama Expiry Date

When you Go to Absher Web Site you will See This Type of Home Screen which is now You on Up Screen. Here You have to Select the Integrated e-services individuals which are Covered with Green Color.

How to Check Iqama Fine KSA

After publishing Individuals Green Button You will get the Next page which is Home Page of the Application Absher. here You have to Logging You are Details. Please Write Carefully You are the User name and Password which is you Know better.

When You Done to Write You are Logging information then Go to for the Next Step image code. Which is to Easy just Type Here Image Words in the box and click to log in.

When you will Successfully Logging on Absher Account. Then Select this Button where The Blue Arrow Mentioned. its the menu Where you can check Iqama Fund.

iqama Fund Check

Now its The Last Step Which is Used for Check iqama Fund in KSA. Here You have to Provide the Personal information to The Absher Site for Check Iqama Fund and Other Details. Simple Write the Match Information in the Box and Click to View Button.

When you Will click a point on View button you Will Automatic Get All the Details About the Iqama fund. And Here the Pop-up Windows Where You Can check iqama Fund.

Iqama Query Available Funds

Some Times it’s Common that you have Loaded the Iqama Fund and when you check it with Absher Application. Then the Funds Still are outstanding then do not worry you can Also Get back it with Simple Method. Iqama Query Available Funds is The Best Way to Get back All the Iqama funds.

So, If you are Facing the Same Term Problem Then please Try This Method Which helps you to Iqama Query Available Funds Return Back.

Note: If the Iqama Fund Transaction payment Successfully Done Then Iqama Query Available Funds will Not be Return back.

Here in Saud Arabia, All the Online Banking System Which is Connected with Huge online Data Service Provide You Options for Return back Your iqama Fund in Case Whenever You are Transactions is Still in Process.

  • Choose any ATM or you are own Bank Account ATM where You are Account is Currently Working.
  • Here Put the Debit Master Card or Logging with User name and Password Which is easy for You.
  • When you Will Done to Logging into System then please Select the Button or Option of Saddad Which is MOI Please Press to it for Check iqama Query Available Funds.
  • Here another List Will be Opened into ATM Screen here Select the Alien Control Which is 3rd or 4th Option.
  • Here You Have to Select the List Which is you want to Pay for the Iqama Funds For the Example VISA Payment Fees.
  • Now Make Sure you have Also Click on Refund box and then Place the Figure on Submit Button for Complete the Payment Process.
  • Here Another window will be Pop up on Screen where You have to Put the Iqama Number.
  • When you have done Fully Write the Iqama number After it Clicks to Inquiry Button and Click to Conform the information which is you Provided by you are Self.
  • Next Working 3 to 4 Days you will Get Massage of Iqama Fund Payment otherwise you can also Cancel it before Conforming the Iqama Fund Transfer.

You Can Also iqama query available funds can Test with Different ATM Machines. Means some ATM have the Different Software Where Maybe you have to Face Different Options for the Example. But You can Also iqama query available funds can do by Baking Applications Which Almost Similar with ATM Method.

  • Open the Bank Application or App Which is you used for Transfer Money.
  • Now Here Select the MOI or Govt Payments it’s Common you Can Easily Track down these options in Application.
  • Here You have to Chose the Refund for Make a New Payment iqama Fund.
  • When you Done this here you have to Select the Service which is You want to Make Payment.
  • Enter the Iqama information which is Digits of you are iqama Number and then click to Payment Button.

And You are Payment Will Be Complete. its the Shortest Way to iqama query available funds Check.

These Are the Methods Which is Used for Iqama Fund check and All the other Similar Actions Which you Want to check.


IQAMA Fund is the Loaded Amount on you are Iqama Number Which is Used for Payment to Use the Iqama Services in Saudi Arabia

iqama available fund.?

A Selected Amount Which you Pay for Iqama Funds is basically the Iqama Available Fund.

iqama fund check .?

Iqama Fund Check for Continuously using the Iqama Services. if You are Fund Will Be zero or Nill Then you will not Access the Iqama Services.

iqama renewal fund.?

iqama renewal fund used for Iqama Limit increase. Means Once you have Complete the Time of Iqama. Or in other words when you are Iqama Will be Expired. you have to Iqama pay the Iqama Renewal Fees First other Wise you will Get Fine.

query iqama fund.?

Query Iqama Fund is Also Means To Check iqama Fund or Iqama Fund Limits.

how to check iqama fund,.?

You Can Check Iqama Fund With Different Methods. The Example With ATM Machine MOI Site or Banking Application.

public iqama fund.?

Public Iqama Fund is The Process of Check iqama Fund. you can Also can the ATM method is Public Iqama Fund Query.

how to check available fund in iqama,?

Here You Can Read Many Methods are Explained with Image Guidelines for How to Check Available Fund in Iqama.

iqama validity fund,?

Iqama Validity Fund Means to Check the Iqama Expiry Fund. Which is Also you can Check Here ( Iqama Expiry Date Check)

Iqama Fund and other Iqama details which is you want to know Please Comment us. We, Will, Help You to Find you are Question Answer.

moi iqama available fund Which is Every one Want to Know How to check this Service Or iqama fund inquiry With Different Updated Methods with This Also iqama check fund Process or how to check fund in iqama in KSA all These Types of Questions Answers are here.

You have to Just Read Down the Whole Article. when you Will Read the Full Article You will Easy Get You Question Answer. So Keep Reading Site Article and Touch with us For More new Updates.

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