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Iqama Available Funds Check 2021

Today I am going to tell you an important and informative topic which is about Iqama Fund. Today I will explain all Iqama funds and their relative information. Many employees living in Saudi Arabia are not given the focus on these topics but these topics of Iqama are very informative nowadays. When you make Iqama in Saudi Arabia then you have to pay Fund for Iqama. Iqama Fund is a number of Riyals which you can use in the opposite of Iqama. If you are not paying this Fund then you cant live in Saudi Arabia. {Also Read How To Activate New Digital Iqama}

You can pay Iqama Fund as oppose to using Iqama in Saudi Arabia. If you have Iqama and you are not using the services of Iqama then you cant pay Iqama Fund. You will submit a request to refund your Iqama Fund in case of not using the services of Iqama. Furthermore, You can read many related topics of Iqama on our website.

These topics are Iqama expiry Check  Or Iqama Fine. These topics are very informative for every iqama holder in Saudi Arabia. Everyone will know about these topics which are written in Blue writing. These blue writings are the link of every given topic. Furthermore, If you want to know about Iqama Status and Iqama Check then you have to open this given link Iqama Status Check.

How to Check Iqama Fund?

If You are Iqama Holder in Saudi Arabia and you want to know about your Iqama Fund. Then I will tell you how to check your Iqama Fund online. You have to follow our given guidelines below. Then you will be well known about the Iqama Fund. You will not face any issues about Iqama Fund. We will give you two ways to find the Iqama Fund online. Now I am telling you that you can check the Iqama Fund by having a Mobile phone or Computer at your home. You have to open Google Chrome on your Mobile or Computer then,

  • First, you have to open Absher App on your google chrome or you have to download this app on Google play store. This is the official app where you can find your Iqama fund.
  • When you open this app on google chrome you have to face language issues. First, change language Arabic into English then go ahead. If you are well known about Arabic then you do not need to change the language.
  • Now you have to follow the Image guidelines which are given below, You have to select the mention option. Now click on the Public Query available fund which is shown in the figure below. You can see a black arrow showing public Query.

iqama Fund Hereafter, when you click on the public Query available fund then you can see many options. but you have to click on the public Query option. After selecting this option you can see the screen or page of our site. iqama Fund Check When you open this page you will see headings to understand all the issues. Here you can get full information about the Iqama fund. When you click on this given option then you will get your selected information. So here in First Box Type, You are Iqama Number for Check Iqama Fund in Suadi Arabia. And Then in the next Box Here Type the Numbers Which is Showing in Image. In the first box, you have to put your iqama number which is in Saudi Arabia. On the other box, you have to put a number on the site. Furthermore, you have to click on the green view button which will further move to the next screen.How to Check iqama Fund After clicking on the view button you can see the next screen. On this screen where you can see all information and queries related to the iqama fund.

Iqama Available Fund Check

These are two methods for checking the Iqama Fund in Saudi Arabia. You can only check the iqama fund in this process which I discussed above. If you want to know about iqama fund then first you are well known about Iqama Available fund. there is 2 question like what is Iqama Fund and why it needs to pay this fund? Many employees from different countries are working in Saudi Arabia. It means employees have different types of Iqama status and have different policies. Every employee who is working in the Saudi Arabia they are using Iqama services. These services are under the Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia. The MOI provides a Driving license and Visa which are most important for expatriates. If you do not have a license and visa then you will not work and live in Saudi Arabia. You must adopt these services then you will save from the government fines. By paying the amount of these services you can use these services. Otherwise, you have to face fines by the SAUDI government. If you are paying the iqama fund then it means you are using the services in Saudi Arabia. if you can not pay this fund then you can not use these above mention services. Furthermore, you can see any things when you are using these services.

  • There are Huroob Charges which are removed in the Bank or ATM machine. on online banking, you can add funds then after adding funds you can remove the Hurrob charges.
  • Second, you have to pay the Fees for your Sponsor and Your Kafeel which is most important for living in KSA.
  • Third, you have to pay your vehicle fees by the Iqama fund. You can pay these funds by Iqama Available fund.
  • fourth, You can pay your family visit visa or extension visa by available iqama fund.

There are many other fees and amounts which you can pay through iqama available fund which is an iqama available fund.

Check iqama Fund

When you are paying these funds by Iqama Available fund then you have to check these funds whether funds are payable or not. In Saudi Arabia, you can check these Iqama Available funds in different and simple ways. When these funds are submitted successfully then Iqama holder receives a check of Paid Fund. Also, you can check these funds in any place in Saudi Arabia. Also, you can check these funds by clicking on the Public Query Available fund. But I am going to tell you a short way of paying funds in Saudi Arabia. You can check the iqama fund through the Absher app. It is a very easy process for everyone. When you open this site on google then first open Absher on this site.  How to Check Iqama Expiry Date After clicking on the Absher app you will see the Home screen on top of the site. first, select integrated e-services individuals which is shown as green cover. How to Check Iqama Fine KSA When you click on the green button then you will pass on the next page where you can see the main page of the Absher app. Now you have to login to your account if you do not have account then press on New User. please write your name and password on the Absher app. After logging your account then you have to put image code on the screen. after pressing on your image code then you have to log in to your account. you can see in the image above. When you will successfully open your Absher account profile then press on the blue button which is shown in the figure below. iqama Fund Check Furthermore, in the end, you can use Iqama fund in KSA where MOI provide information and detail about Iqama Status and Iqama fund. You have to put your Iqama information in the empty box then press the View button. After clicking on the view button you will automatically take all detail and information and detail about the Iqama fund.

Iqama Query Available Funds

So, If you are Facing the Same Term Problem Then please Try This Method Which helps you to Iqama Query Available Funds Return Back. When you go to online banking and submit your fund. then you can see this fund online by the above process. Note: In case your transaction is successfully done then you can get back your available fund in Saudi Arabia.  Furthermore, in the Saudi Arabia banking system having large data give you services about the Iqama refund. You can refund your fees through online banking. If your transaction is in the process then you can not get your fund back.

  • First, you have to select any bank in KSA, then go to this bank  ATM where you made your account on this bank.
  • Now on the ATM machine, you have to put your Master or debit card and then insert your Pin number for taking Fund.
  • When you entered your Pin number than please select the button where Saddam is written. After clicking on the Saddam then you can check your Available fund.
  • After this list of the available funds will be opened on the screen. Now select the Align option on the screen.
  •  Now, these lists are showing any type of fees or Fund. You have to select your choice Fee which you want to submit.
  • Please select the refund option on the screen and submit your fees through your debit card.
  • After paying the payment fees through the Debit card then you will receive a message from the bank and receipt of paying your fees. This message will receive you in 3 to 4 working days in a week.

In this Article when you are searching for Iqama Fund then you will find the best and easy way. There are many banking applications online on Mobile. where you can see Available Fund through Online Banking.

  • You can use the Banking app for transfer money from one account to another. In the Banking app, you can select the MOI Payment on the Mobile screen where you want to send payment.
  • You can refund your payment through online banking.
  • You can select the payment service where you want to pay the fees.
  • In the end. you can enter the Iqama number and then after putting Iqama number you can click the button of Payment.

After payment completion, you will get successfully paid your payment.

What is IQAMA FUND.?

Iqama fund is that fund in which payment is paid on the Available fund.  Iqama fund is transferred through online banking.

How Can We Check Iqama Funds Available.? Yes, You can Search This Query with Simple and Easy Understandable Method which is Also Explain On this site. Please Read the Front Lines where the Whole Details about it Written and this will help you to Find the Best answer of You are Question. in Shortly this Query you can also get know by the abser application.
Can we Check this Iqama Fund with ATM.? ATM Service also can be Provide the Help to Check this Service But this is not Value able for More. You can Only Pay Funds with ATM But some Highly Banking Apps are Also Providing This Service.
Iqama Fund Can we Refund.? Iqama Fund Yes you can Refund that time when you are Transaction in Process. means if Transaction will Done Then You can Not Receive this Fund Again.
How Long MOI Site take Time for Iqama Fund.? Offen this Process Take 15 to 20 Mins. You will Get this Whole Process in Shortly Because the Whole Process-based online System which is Connected with MOI Site.
Can we Check Iqama Fund with New Absher Update.? of course, you can check with new absher because with an updated App you can check This Service More Fast and More Value able way.
Can we Check Iqama Fund with Out Absher Apps Account is it Possible.? Yes, here the One Way to Check This Service With Out Absher Application. means You Have to Ask form You are Friend to Check you are Iqama Fund. Or You can also Check Iqama Fund with You are Friend Absher Account.

Also, you can check the Iqama Expiry date check with the given link. ( Iqama Expiry Date Check).  

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