Iqama Fine Check Saudi Arabia

Iqama Fine

Iqama Fine Check Saudi Arabia. Now we are here with you to teach you how to check fine on iqama in Saudi Arabia. If you are working in Saudi Arabia then you know better that the fine will be applied on you when you violate any rules of Saudi Arabia.


Our site iqama status not give you only iqama fine details, it also give you all about iqama like  ,iqama mehna and Iqama transfer status. You can also check iqama validity and iqama kafeel name in Saudi arabia 

Iqama Fine

Here The Whole New Process to Check the Recent You are Iqama Fine. With This, You Can Also Check Iqama Status and Iqama Huroob and Iqama Expiry Date.

Iqama fine is Basically the Amount of Riyal Which Charge by Saudi Govt By Crossing the Limits of Iqama. Mostly The Iqama Fines Based on Huge Amount of Riyals. it’s Our Suggestion That Please Avoid Always Iqama fines Because it’s ToHeavy amounts which You have to Pay in Any  Case. 


Here We Will Discuss the Methods Which is Check for the Iqama Fine. This Also, You can Check you are Iqama Fine.

So Do Not Worry if You Currently have No Information About It that How to Check Iqama Fine. After Reading This Article Which is About to Iqama Fine in Saudi Arabia You Will be learn All About it. 

So Lets Start The Topic or Guidelines About Iqama fine in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Iqama Fine Check

How to Saudi Iqama Fine Check Method Follows the MOI.GOV Site. This is an Official Site To check all the details about Iqama and it's A Site Where You Can Also Saudi Iqama fine Check Simply Go to This Site. 

Note this Site is Only Work in KSA for How to Saudi Iqama Fine Check

Firstly Go to This Site. ( Iqama Fine Check Saudi  )

Seen the screenshot below

Iqama Fine Check

After Click on Button, Which is Mention on Page With Blue Color You Will be Transferred on this Page here you Have to Select Step 1st. Means to Say you have to Select the Traffic tab and Here in Drop Drown List Select More.


Iqama Fine

When You Will Done Clicking on The More Button. Then this Type of Menu Will is Appear on you are home Screen. Where You Will Find Many More Options. For the Example Vehicle Service, Add Vehicle User, Vehicle Renewal, Renew Driving License, Cancel Vehicle User Etc. But Here you Have to Follow the 2nd Step Which is Already Covered in ScreenShot.  In Short, Here you have to click the Query Traffic Violations For Saudi Iqama Fine Check

How to Check Iqama Expiry Date

When You Will Select That Option. Which is Mention Before for 2nd Step. Then You Will Simply Transferred this Page. Here You Have to Select the Individuals Green Button. It's also an Absher Application Process. When You will Select This Button then you will Automatically Go to the login page. 

How to Check Iqama Fine KSA

When You Will Receive this Type of Screen. Here You can Read All the Giving Heading. Simply Here You have to Read the Following Guidelines. Means fill You are User name and Password and click to log in Button. If You are New register User of Absher Application then Please Register Here ( Absher Application Register Method)

Write You are User Name Password and Image Code Then Click to login Button For How to Saudi Iqama Fine Check

Iqama fine inquiry Finals Steps

Its the End of the Following Method For How to Iqama Fine Check KSA With Absher Moi Site. When You Will Successfully Logging in Absher Application. This Type of Screen Will Be Show up on You are Cell Phone or Browser.


Check Iqama Fine

Here You have to Select The Electronic Inquiries Which is Check for All the Online Services. Now Here Put the Beneficiary Information Which means to provide Here the Iqama Details or in other words Here write You are Iqama Number. And With this Type the Image code in Next Box. 

Its the Full Image of the Guidelines Which is You Face in Absher Application. in first Colum Fill the Iqama Number and Next Box Here Put or Write the violation ID. Which are You Received Text After the Iqama Fine Get At You are Sim... Now Here Write that Text code Which you Received and Click to View.

Now you Can See Iqama Fine which is 0 Suadi Riyal. 


Iqama Fine Check Traffic Also is an Alternative Search Result of Check iqama Fine KSA. Means to Say By this Method Which is Already Explained in Article You can Check Iqama Fine check Traffic with this Also. iqama Fine Check Traffic is the Fine By the Motor Way Police in Saudi Arabia to Crosse the Limits of Driving Rules. Mostly The Iqama holder Can Not Remember All the Rules and information in Saudi Arabia. Because they are new. 

Iqama Fine Check Traffic is Also An important Topic Which is For All the New Iqama Holders in Saudi Arabia. if You can Not Follows These Rules Which is Important to Follow in KSA. Then you will have to Face Trouble on Every Step in Saudi Arabia.

But Here You Can Iqama Fine Check Traffic with Out Wasting you are time. Here Everyone have Less Time For Any Work. Means Every Person is Now A Days Fast. And Want to Check All the Details in Shortcut. So we Are here to Tell the All Shortcuts Method for Save You are Important time.

Iqama Violation Check

iqama violation Check Basically What is it.? And Why it's for use in Ksa.? For All the These Type of Questions Are Answers are Here. Simply Read the Article Carefully You will Find All the Answers.

iqama violation check is The Term of Traffic Violation. It's maybe in Different Cases. some Times This Will be Happen in Fast Driving or Without Seat Bellet Driving or Maybe Over Taking. When Ever You Will Crosse the Limits Which is Always Selected By the Govt of KSA. You will Get Fine. So Always its best to Follows the Rules.

Some Common Situations in KSA when Every New Iqama Holder Wil Get Fine Or You can Say When you get Iqama Violation Traffic Rules.

  • When You Are Changing the Lanes or Roads if You can not Used indicators you will get Iqama Fine 150 to 300 Suadi Riyal And its A huge Amount for Common Person.
  • Back Driving on Main Road or Reversing on main Road for 25M Also will Case Iqama fine. 
  • Biggest and Important Point Which Is Always Made Case of Iqama fine is  Car Driving With Out Driving License.
  • Mostly New Iqama Holders Will get This type of fine Cases Means Mis Use of Horn. You can not Use Anywhere Car Horn in Saudi Arabia. So use only that Places where its Allow.
  • Old Cars and unfit Vehcies also Get Fine.
  • if You are Not Using Seat Belt then you are will get be iqama fine.

These are Some Common Rules Which is Every One Know. So Always Keep in Mind for getting Safe form iqama Fine.

Here Some Other Common Mistakes Which is Done by every new Iqama Holder and then they Get Iqama Fines on These Mistakes.

  • You will get Iqama Fine Whenever You will leave You are Vehicle with Out Switching off.
  • Parking You are Vehicle At the Front of Any Shop where is Not Allowed Parking.


Iqama violations SMS check

To get the fast and Better Result you can Also Follow the Iqama violations Sms check Method. Which is Provide You the whole Information About Iqama violations. 

If You Have Not Data Package or Absher Application Account. Then you can Also Check Iqama Violations Sms Check. 

Type Simple image-guided Lines Which is Totally Covered With Fully Information. Means Open You are a New Text Massage form inbox. Here Type the 88993 in Sender Box. 

And Write the Following Information Which is Image Mentioned. This method is only works for STC Customers. If you are The Different Network user or Mobily User then You Have to Send SMS on 625555 For Iqama violations Sms check. 

In Case if you are Facing any Network Problem then please Try it Again Some Times its Can Not Successfully Get Result. 

Mostly Whenever You Get Any Iqama Fine Same time You Get Also A Text message about it. So when Ever You get Text Seems like this. Check the Status Maybe you will get Heavy Amount Fine.

You Can Also Check this Service With Different Methods Here An Other Short method Which is Also Used for Iqama Fine. 

Check Traffic Violation by iqama

Check Traffic violation By Iqama it's The Not Matter How Will You Check these Type of All information. If you Belong form Any other Country and Currently Working in Saudi Arabia. Then you are All Services will be Checked by iqama. Because its A type of national ID Card Which is Issued By KSA Govt. And Check Traffic Violation By iqama is Also Method Which Tells you the Fine on Iqama. 

in Previous heading, You Can read other Methods Which is Helps you Find the Correct Answer. But Here the Most Common Method Will be Shows you For the Check Traffic Violation by Iqama. 

Are You know That You Can Also Check This Service By ATM machine. Means in Saudi Arabia you can Check this Service. 

And by Our Choice, it's The Short and Easily Method for Check this Service. Lets Starts the Topic. Here One more thing if you want to check this Service By Application or Web Portal then Please Scroll up The Page and Read Fronts Headings. Where You Will Get You are Best Answer. Other Wise you Can Also Check This Method.

How to Check Traffic Violation By ATM

First of All, take you are Debit Master Card in You are Hands For Check Traffic Violation in KSA. Then Use Any ATM in Suadi Arabia. 

  • When You Locate Any ATM Here Put You are Debit ATM Card in ATM Machine. For Check Traffic Iqama Violation.
  • It's Common that After Putting Atm Card in ATm Machine The Next Steps is Always Password.
  • So Lets Put Down Here You Are ATM Password.
  • Now Select The Offer Services Which is Mostly Counted in More or Extra Service Menus.
  • In Offer Services Here You have to Select the Traffic Violations which is Fully Updated Menu in ATM Machine.
  • When Ever you Will Push this Service the ATM System will Ask you Iqama Number.
  • Write Down Here You Are Iqama Number and Click to Done.
  • If You have Any Fine You are Amount will Be Auto Shows up.

These Are All the Methods Which is Used For Iqama Fine Check-in Saudi Arabia. The Passing of Time Ever Day A New Method Will Appear online. 

And You can Also Search Many More Other Ways to Check Iqama Fine. But Maybe All the Other Methods are Not Fully Tested. Here You Can Only Find those methods Which is Easily To understand and Easy to use.

So Still If You are Getting Not Understand how to check Iqama Fine KSA then Please Contact Us. Or Comment us we Will Help You.

Here The Top best Way Which Provides You the Fully trusted Way of Accurate Details about it. That is the First Method to Check The Fine Iqama. Because that is Official and With Fully Image Guidelines.

Iqama Violation Saudi Arabia

iqama violation Saudi Arabia All the Terms are here Already Written. In the future, If Any other Method Will Be Appear online Then please visit This Site. You Will Firstly get There that Method With Fully Details. iqama violation of Saudi Arabia is Common Mistakes for Iqama Holder. And About to Recent Survey, 50% above Iqama Violation Persons Are Daily Wages Employees. or You Can Say the Newly Iqama Holders. 

And here in Suadi Arabia the Huge Amount of the People Have not to Know About Fully it. This means they have No information About it when they get Fine iqama. And Why they Get Fine, 

For getting Safe form All these Problems it is better to Read out All the Traffic Rules. or You Can Not Read All the Rules,  Then its Best that only Rember daily Life Traffic Rules.

if You can Not Do Both Things. Then the Last Way is Never Drive any Vehicle in Saudi Arabia. Always Take Local Transport For Daily Work.

All The Basic and Important Methods and information About Iqama Fine are here. Just Locate Them and Read it. You can also check you are total Iqama Fine with Absher Application. So If You Want to Check you are Fully Iqama Fines then please visit the Home Page for More Details.

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