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Iqama Fine Check 2021 New Methods

Here I am going to explain how you can iqama fine check Saudia Arabia if you are working in Saudia Arabia then you have to knowledge all about Saudis rules and regulation as this country is very strict about their rules.

here I am going to tell you all about iqama status and also discussing many other topics as well, for example,iqama mehna, and Iqama transfer status. not only this you can also check iqama validity and iqama kafeel name in Saudi Arabia

If you will be charged iqama fine then it’s just like extra money which you have to pay due to yourself as if you will not apply renewal of iqama before its expiry date then you will be fined a number of riyals and I will suggest you that don’t show laziness on this thing applies before its expiry date.

But in any case, if you will be charged a fine then don’t worry I will tell you all about the fine here I will tell you that how can you check the iqama fine and how can you pay this fine as there are various methods online and offline in this section I will explain both ways so read this section carefully.

How To Check iqama Fine Online?

Here on this website, you can check all little details related to this topic. this website is officially given by the government so visit this website also if you want to know all details about it.

Note this Site is Only Work in KSA for How to Saudi Iqama Fine Check

Visit this site. (

you can also see these pictures as reference.

Iqama Fine Check

After clicking the link of the website your screen will be like this here you can check that there are many options if you don’t know which one is for you don’t worry as you can see in the picture there is a mark of the arrow just follow that arrow and click on that option.

Iqama Fine

After clicking on that option your screen will be like this which is in the picture there you will see more option as well but what you have to do is follow the instructions and follow that arrow mark and click on query traffic violation where you can see what you want but you can directly visit that page by clicking on this link. Query Traffic Violations For Saudi Iqama Fine Check

How to Check Iqama Expiry Date

3rd step is that you have to select an option as there will be two options 1st is establishment service and 2nd is integrated service but what you have to just simply click on the integrated service which is green.

How to Check Iqama Fine KSA

After all these steps you will find out that now you are so closed to check your fines and you can in the picture as well that what you have to do and what type of form you will get to see on your screen now just simply follow the steps and type all these information which is written in the form where you will write your id etc

Note: Remember that you can do only when you will have an account on the Absher app if you don’t have any account then visit this link and make an account of yours.( Absher Application Register Method)

Iqama fine inquiry Finals Steps

Now, in the end, you will get to know that about fines but before that what you have to just see the instructions and follow these things as I also posted pictures step by step in this picture you can see that you have to click on the Electronic Inquiries.


Check Iqama Fine

When you will select electronic inquires then you will see all online service as Saudia Arabia is giving a lot of online service to their workers and citizens as these rules are for all and any person who will not follow the rules will be fined but iqama for those who are working in Saudia and not citizens of Saudia that’s why this form for them.

Now what you have to just simply write your iqama number mean ID which is given in your iqama and after this type confirms code and then click on the option of view after this you can see in all information of your iqama fines just in few seconds on your mobile screen.

Your iqama fine will be shown in Saudi riyal.


Iqama traffic fine is just the same as other fines if you will not follow the rules and regulation in Saudia Arabia then you will be fined as Saudia have very strict rules in every field not matter it about traffic or iqama or any other thing as they charged you heavy fine and this fine increase double if you will repeat one mistake continuously.

If you are thinking to go for work in KSA or you are doing work there then must read this section as well as if you do not follow the rules which they have then you will be charged a fine which is really not good for workers as they are working there and they can’t afford such fines and extra money to spend.

As we all know that in KSA there are many workers are working from different countries and when they go the first time to do work there for example as a driver then they don’t follow rules as they don’t know what rules Saudi government has in traffic but here I am going to tell you all about this so read carefully.

You can check all fines with that method which I told you for iqama difference is that you will put your vehicle number and will select traffic violations after that you will find out that how much fine you have to pay and also that how can you pay this fine via online method.

Iqama Violation Check

Iqama is just like our id card in Saudia Arabia as there in Saudia many workers are working who came from different places and countries according to a report that the % of workers who came from other countries is much higher than the Saudi citizens.

Saudia polices to get the nationality of Saudia is hard that’s why the government give iqama to their workers as with the iqama they can control tigs better iqama is a very important thing if you are in Saudia always take your iqama with you whenever you travel in Saudia Arabia otherwise you will be charged an amount of fine which is not so good.

  • If you will not use indicators while driving any vehicle then you will be charged 150-300 Saudi riyal.
  • Always drive on your side if you will drive the opposite or you will turn your car in the wrong way then you will be charged.
  • always drive when you have a driving license of KSA otherwise you will face many problems in the future.
  • There is one mistake is very common in new iqama holders that they use horn a lot they use horn where using the horn is not allowed.
  • If you will use any old vehicle or any vehicle which is not good fr driving then you will be fined.
  • Always wear your seat belt while driving as if not then you will be charged a fine.

these are the few common rules which people of Saudi or workers don’t follow them and in the end, you face a lot of problems just due to few things now after reading this you can take care that you will not break any rule.

here are some other two common rules which people don’t follow them.

  • if you will leave your vehicle while starting the engine then you will be fine.
  • Never park your vehicle in front of any shop otherwise you will be fine.


Iqama violations SMS check

If you don’t know how to use online services here let me tell you that you can check your fines just simply via SMS it’s also an easy way what you have to do is just follow the intrusion and also see the pictures which I post as a reference.

There are many ways to get to know this but this method is also easy to use and if you do have Absher account then this way is the best for you.

it’s not so difficult what you have to do is just send your vehicle or iqama number on this 88993 number and you will net reply within few seconds where you can see which you want to see.

But you can also use online methods which I told you before but its depends on you which process way you want to choose.

Check Traffic Violation by iqama

Iqama is just like your identity card in KSA. If you are thinking to work in Saudia Arabia then let me tell you that first, you have applied for your iqama after that you can able to work on KSA. As with iqama you can not work in KSA iqama is necessary as in iqama they have all your information means where you work and from which time you are working there all which they need to know.

iqama have also an expiry date and it’s important that you have to apply for its renewal before its expiry as if not then you will also pay fine with iqama renewal and remember if you are going to take your family as well then you will also need to apply for iqama for them too as without iqama you can’t live there.

If you will make fake iqama you will face a lot of problems and also jail plus you will not able to come back KSA for 5-10 years so never try this.

How to Check Traffic Violation By ATM

There are many ways to check your violation and via ATM is also the way from these various ways to check your Traffic violation for this just simply use any atm in KSA and put your debit card number and then follow these instructions.

  • Put your Debit  card number on that ATM which you are using
  • Put your password and click on next.
  • after putting your password you will see many options there relating to your cash but click on the extra option or menu.
  • After clicking there find an option of offer services and click there.
  • After clicking the offered service find an option with the name of traffic violation and touch that option.
  • after clicking there will be an option where the computer will ask you to put you ID number there.
  • ID means you will put your iqama id number there.
  • In the end, you can see what you want to see the violation and fine yours.

These are the options which you can use in online methods but there are many other ways also where you can get easily these details just in few seconds.

This was the only one way about one thing as I told you that Saudia as the world’s best marketing place so they have advanced things in their system which you can use.

If you are new there in Saudia then please follow thee steps for these things which you want to know as I told you before there are many ways to check these things online ad offline but the way you can use which you want to use or which suits you.

Iqama Violation in Saudi Arabia

Here I told you all methods to check your fines no matte iqama fines or traffic fines there are all same way to get know fines but in the last let tell you about these online services that you will not only get to know the fine but you also see that where and why and how much fine you got in any traffic violation.

As Saudia Arabia have very advanced rules mean if you will violate any traffic rule you will get all information about this fine that where you did not follow the rules and what was the time when you did this and how much fine you have t pay for this

I told you online methods for paying fines but you can also pay your fine in offline methods as well you will go to their office and will pay you’re fine there.

But I will suggest you follow the online methods in this method you will come to know that how can you use the internet in good ways also there are many other online services which you will come to know via this method.

I will suggest you to not do that means always follow the traffic rules as you are working there far from your home and you will not want to spend your money on fines that’s by always be careful.


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