Iqama Expiry date Check Saudi Arabia

Check Iqama Expiry Date Without Absher 2021

Check Iqama Expiration Date without Absher using MOL
2. Select language to ‘English or Arabic’ from page top, Enter your ‘Iqama number‘, and ‘Date of Birth‘.
3. Choose the Date of Birth entry preference from Calendar by selecting ‘Hijri‘ or ‘Gregorian‘. Once you select the Date of Birth, Enter the verification code as seen in the image beside it and then click on “Next“.

Check Iqama Expiration Date without Absher using MOL
4. In the next page, You can see all your details including your Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Iqama Number, Iqama expiration date, and Mobile number.
5. Now, This way you can get your Saudi Iqama expiry date on both dates, Hijri and Gregorian through the official Ministry Of Labor online Inquiry service. {Also Read How To Activate Digital Iqama}

How To Check IQama Expiry Date Online

But before that we will talk about What is the residence Or Iqama And why is it used And which country Is It Most used and for what purpose? So If You Know All Detail Of Iqama Or residence So Raed All This Post.

The Iqama Or Residence Most Used In the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and The Other detail Of Iqama in Saudia Arabi is The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Residence Permit Is Know The Named Of IQama AND Muqeem. IQAMA is used in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia for management foreign Rentals For Stay Here. Immigrants coming to Saudi Arabia on employment visas have been issued an IQAMA or Muqeem permit For Stay And Work In The Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.


Know I will Tell You How To Check Saudi Iqama Validity Online.

Know You Can Easily Check Iqama Validity Or Expiry Date online In Saudi Arabia. Here I Will Tell You Some Easy Methods To Check the Validity Of Iqama Online In the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

How To Check Iqama Expiry With Absher?

Because Every One Have A Smartphone In Todays So This Is the Best Or Easy Method To Check Iqama Validity On App.

Step 1: Goes To The PlayStore And Search App Name Like This ABSHER APP.

Step 2: Download This App On Your Android Phones And IPhone This App Also Available In Appstore And PlayStore.

Step 3: After Downloading App Open It And Log In With Your ABSHER account If Yoh Don’t Have Any Absher account then click on create an Account Button And Create Your Account After The Creat A Absher account Log in With Your Username Or Password.


Step 4: After Type One Time Otp Password You Get On Registration Mobile Numbers. Know Click On Profile Button And Here You see All Details Of Your Iqama Will be There Like Name, Nationality, Iqama Issue Date

App Link To Install This App.

Check With Moi Site

Step 1: VISIT THIS Site (Moi) Website Links Is:

Step 2: And Find This Side Electronic Inquiries ( On top Menu) just beside Eservices Click On this Then Click On Select PASSPORTS Options (On Your left side tab Of This) and it will be extended, Know to find Query Iqama Expiry Service Click On This.

Step 3: After Click On This Link You See Two Box First Is Enter Iqama Number And Seconds Is Verification Code On You see The In Image Code.


step 4: Type Your Iqama Number Then Enter Image Code And Click On Next Button.

Step 5: After The Loading Complete, You See Iqama Validity or Expiry Date On  Hijri Date.

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