Check Iqama Expiry Date & Validity 2020

Iqama Expiry date Check Saudi Arabia

Iqama is the identity Card for Expats Living in the KSA. Check Iqama Expiry date and Validity Saudi Arabia Method by Following Some Steps. The end date of Your iqama or final date is called as Iqama Expiry date. Many peoples Asked Questions that what happens if iqama expired?

1. Can’t Withdraw and receive Bank payment or Salary in your account.

2. Fine applied in the type of Double iqama renewal fee. That’s means if your renewal iqama fee is 600 SAR then the Fees with fine is 1200 SAR. It means Double of your renewal Fee.

3. You can’t travel aboard with expired iqama. If the expiry date ends more than 1 Month. The Government allows you to go to your own country within One Month After Iqama Expiry.

4. No Company and No anyone kafeel gives you a job with expired iqama.


Here is with complete and step by step method and procedure to check about it. I Sure, all peoples can understand the method of checking here. Check red green status, fees, and also the fine on your iqama and also muqeem visa validity on our site.

Our site also provides the knowledge to check the transfer status of iqama, Your kafeel name, and iqama huroob on our site. 

Iqama Expiry Date Check-in 10 Secs

Iqama Expiry date Check Saudi ArabiaAny iqama end date is called as iqama Expiry Date. Check Your Iqama Expiry Date and Status in Saudi Arabia in 10 Seconds with This Latest 2020 Method very easily.

1. Absher Method

2. Mol Site Method Or Online Web Portal

Living In KSA ( Saudi Arabia ) all Roleplaying Expats must have about their iqama status because without any knowledge about this you are Nothing in this country means Saudi Arabia. Country Saudi Arabia has vert Harder and Strict rules. If any ex-pats Can’t Follows these Rules in Saudi Arabia then the heavy amount of fine applied to them. The amount of fine is difficult to pay for any Common Person or ex-pats in Saudi Arabia.

Now a Days Many Other Sites Sharing the Info or Method about How to Check the Iqama Expiry Date and Other More Details Seems Like this. But the Main and Basic Concept Does Not telling or Explain to You. Which is Only Describe by us. Check iqama Expiry Date is Simple Easily method Here. You have to Provide You All the Details About it

Iqama expiry date means When the time Period Ended of Your Iqama Value Also Be Ended. It means no one can use iqama after its expiration.  So Protect your identity card and yourself from fine and no value. You can’t withdraw money, Can’t Travel, can’t join any work with expired iqama.

The Shortest Easy and Latest way is here that helps all the Expats to check their complete status of your iqama. Check the online Status and all details about it online by following below mention methods.

How To Check Iqama Expiry Date With Absher?

Check iqama expire with this method is so easy. Follow these Easy and Simple steps for iqama expiry how to check. Account Registration needed for this. Before checking register your personal account.

Steps to Learn How to check iqama expiry?

Step#1: Open you’re Any Device Browser Like Laptop or Mobile.  Click here or Open in your personal device browser. The opening page Screen or Interface containing two options. First “Business” and Second “Individuals“. Here Choose one from them. Expats Choose Individuals option, so click on the “Individuals” option. For understanding, purpose see the Screenshot below.

Iqama Expiry Date


Step#2: After clicking on “Individuals” the new page-load on your laptop or Mobile Screen. When you see this page the mixed language page show you “English” and “Arabic”. So here see the Left Corner at the above of this front page. Choose the English Language if you want to know about iqama expiry check English. See Screenshot

Iqama expiry check english

Step#3: On Your Laptop Screen below this Homepage the Login page Present. On Android phone, this is present at the below of the Language selection page. If you already register on Absher, then login to your account. If New then Register Your account before checking anything, so click on the “New Register Option”. The screenshot shot below showing this procedure.

Iqama expiry check

Step#4: The registration form appears after Pressing on “New User” Option. This forum consists of the following boxes. Full All these boxes.

Id Number: Fill your id number in this box. The id number is your iqama number. Its means fill here your iqama number. For any account login, this is very necessary.

iqama expire

Mobile Number: The second box contains a Mobile number. Enter your personal Mobile number in this box. The verification code comes on your registered phone number for account registration. So you must enter your active phone number.

Username in English: The username is also an important box. Choose your unique English Username. The user name must be unique

Password & Confirmation: Choose a unique, Strong Mixed Character Password and confirm it by repeating.

Email: Enter your personal active email in this box.

Preferred Language:  Choose Your language and select it in this box.

Image Code: See and enter the image code inbox for human verification.

Step#5: Tick on Terms and Policy option and Press The “NEXT” option. The option of “NEXT” Leads you to a new page where the Verification Box available. See you register phone number and verify code. After doing this click on the Register option. The screenshot is below to understand.

check iqama expiry date

Your registration process completed after Clicking on the Register button.

These are the Steps for check iqama expiry date after account registration

Step#6: Download Absher Application or Open Mobile or Computer device browser. Select individual option and then English Language option because front page is the mixture of English and Arabic Language. When the Login page Comes on your device screen. Enter the username or Iqama Number, then Password and at the end image code for verification. The screenshot is below.

iqama expire

Step#7: The Click on the “Log in”button leads to the new code verification page. See you register number Message Inbox and check verification code and verify it. The My Account Dashboard option Appear in android or PC Home screen. Below this Type a Search Box present. Write “iqama expiry” in Dashboard. See Screenshot below.

Iqama Expiry

Step#8: The Search result show you the “Query Iqama Expiry Service option”. Click on it, the clicking result leads you to a new page on android or PC. In this Page, the first step is to write your iqama number and then the second step is to Write Captcha Human verification code and after that click on “View”. See Screenshot below

iqama expiration

Step#9: View option leads you to the whole details of your iqama and the expiration date on end date shows you on the Screen. See Screenshot.

iqama expiry date english

How To Check Iqama Expiry Without Absher?

Here the New Mol Site Method Which helps you to check Your Iqama expiry or Validity. All the info about it mention here. 

Follow below steps to understand how to check iqama expiry date?

Step#1: Firstly Go the official ( MOI ) or Mol Website

Step#2: After Opening The First interface of home screen appears. Now you will Get this Type of Screen Where you have to Select the Given arrow Heading. Please See the Snapshot of the windows screen of that web page.

Iqama expiry check Mol

Step#3: When You will get this screen. The Whole web page you will receive into Arabic But you can change the Language with Pointed arrows Guidelines.  Choose the language which you can understand better. English Arabic and Urdu are Mentioned on sites. you can select anyone.


Step#4: Now Click to new User For Checking the Iqama Expiry Date. When You will click to a new user then you will get this type of screen where you have to give some other details. 

Iqama expiry date

Here You have to Write the Details about the iqama. Means Put Down here your iqama Number and then Date of Birth. After it gets the image code into Box then click to next after it you will get all the Details about your iqama on your Cell phone or Web Browser. Read Check Iqama Status

How To Check Iqama Expiry English Date?

Iqama expiry check using the method of Query iqama expiry then end date come in Hijri Calendar. Convert iqama expiry Hijri to Gregorian using Hijri to Gregorian Calendar.

Step#1: Open Hijri to Gregorian Calendar on your Mobile or PC.

Step#2: Click on Hijri Button because we want to check Hijri to Gregorian your expiry date.

Step#3: Select Day, Month and Year in Right Format

Step#4: Click to convert Option, Now iqama expiry date Come in English

Step#5: Show screenshot below.

Iqama expiry date english

How TO Check iqama Expiry Date Online

Now A Days Everything is Online. You can Find Any info or Any Details By Searching Google and this is Also the Way to Search Check iqama Expiry Date online. To Check This Method.

                                                                Click here for Hijri Gregorian

First Of All You have to net Connection in Your Cell Phone. Which is Using For Explore Data about this

Check iqama expiry date and validity 2020

Here  you can see Fully  in the above iqama image Which is Mention Blow here .  That I have mentioned With the Arrow Point of the expiry date on card Which is The Old Style of Iqama. Here Not Done All the Step Little bit More there is a Trouble with Difficult issue where the date is in the Hijri Which is Islamic calendar format because Saudi govt Follow Hijri Calendar Because of Its an Islamic Country So the Follows The Islamic Calendar.

Here You Have to Notice the Iqama Starting Date which is Already pointed down with Arrow. So Note Down that Date and go to this Site which is Following Here Down.

Now here you Have to Put the Details on Site Which they Ask. And Then Go to Click the Button Convert. After Converting your Details the Result will Be Expiry Date of Your Iqama.

Here an Other Most Common method Which is Also Used for Checking it. Let’s Start That Method Which is Too Much Common.

Easy Way To Check Iqama Expiry Red Green

The Newly Method Which Also used for The check it. Before Doing Any Other Topics Starts First You have to Go for the Which is Official Site of iqama Details Purpose information.

This Site Also be Used for the  Iqama Expiry Check Red Green  Now Click to the Site and Open it for Further Getting More Details

an Windows Will Open Which is Similar to be this.

Check Iqama expiry

Now Here You have to Log in Your Account Seems Like Other Accounts Log in Method. An Interesting Thing here You Can also Check These Details With your Friend Log in Id and Password.

Now Here You Will See Different Options Which is Normally Used  For Iqama Details and Here You will Also See the option of Iqama Status Now Push the Figure here or Click here

iqama expire

Now Here Another Different Windows Shows Up Which is Take Some Details About Your Iqama. For the Example Iqama Number which is 14 Digits Based. Here Now You have to Put the Details of Iqama and Click to Search Button to check the Iqama color. and Here All the Details Will Be Opened Here By this You Can Also check the Iqama Status.

These Are Last Steps Which is Conformation of Account Details here You have to Putted Simple OTP Code. an OTP code Just Receive one Time on your Cell Phone So Write here That OTP Code and Click to Register and you are Done to Create an Absher Account.

Some Trending FAQ ( Top Famous Questions Which Now A Days People Searching Online)

How Can Check My Iqama Expiry Date?

You can check your Iqama Expiry Date By the following Method

1. Absher Method

2. Using Mol Method

All these methods are mention above. You can check it using the Absher app or Absher website or Mol website.

How Long an Iqama is Valid? 

About To Newly Rules of Saudi Govt, it’s valid only for 1 year. But Some Highly Profiled People Can Also Get 5 to Years iqama Validity Date.

What is the Muqeem Card in Saudi Arabia 

Muqeem Card is also the Shape of Iqama. Most People Can still Understand it to be Iqama. And It’s an Actual Means That Muqeem Card is Updated Form of Iqama. Iqama Changed into Muqeem Card in 2015.

May I Get Final Exit with An Expired Iqama in Saudi Arabia KSA?

Yes, Here the Method To Get Exit with Expired Iqama But Before Final exit, you have to pay the Fee of Fines on Expiry Iqama.

If Want to Renew an Expired Iqama Then! What will be Happen?

Its Mostly Time Done that Many Peoples Forget to Renew Iqama. So When You Renew it Again You have to firstly Pay the Fine Fees.

What the Fees of Iqama Renewal? 

Here Some Different Ways and Different Options for it. To Get Accurate Answer for this Question Please Click to Home Page and There You Can Easily Find the whole Process about it.

How to Check Iqama Expiry Date With Out Absher App in Saudi Arabia 

Simply Pull Up the Page and Read that Tittle Paragraph. there You Will Find the Method and Your Main Answer.


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