How To Activate Digital Iqama in Absher

Digital iqama activation Process with Step by Step Guide is here. The Government Of Saudi Arabia Launched the New Digital System Of Iqama which is Beneficial for ex-pats and citizens. They don’t need to carry iqama in their pocket, because the digital iqama system has launched by the Government of KSA.

Saudi Arabia Going into a Digital World day by day and Moving its Many things into Digital. In this article, I Will Guide you on how to activate Digital Iqama in Absher?.

How To Activate Digital Iqama in Absher?

You can activate your digital iqama in Absher in just 1 minute. The activation Process is very Simply and easy for all Expats and Citizens. You can understand the Procedure of Digital Iqama activation by Following below Steps

Step#1: Install the “Absher Individuals” App From Google Play Store and click on Open Button.

Step#2: Click On the “Login” Option When the first interface of the Absher Individuals app appears on your Mobile Screen. Clicking On Login Option Lead you to Login Page Where you need to Enter your Absher Login account Details Like iqama number and password and activation Code Necessary for login. Enter the Activation code and successfully log in to your account.

If you have not already an Absher account, then firstly create your Absher account and then follow all these steps for Digital iqama Activation.

Step#3: After that Click on “My Services Option”. This option is available at the end of the page that will appear after the Absher account login. See this Screenshot.



how to activate digital iqama in absher


Step#4: Click on “Activate Digital ID Option”. This option is available at the top of the page when you click on the My Services Option.


Procedure To Activate Digital iqama in Absher


Step#5: Now complete details Shown on your Screen Like Your Name, Nationality, date of birth, and all other details. “Scroll Down the page” and click on the “ACTIVATE DIGITAL ID” Button. After that QR Code Shown on your android phone Screen.


Activate Digital Iqama ID



Step#6: “Take a Screenshot of this QR Code”. You can Access this Code by clicking on the View ID Option and this QR Code Valid for any problem Like in Police, Bank, and Somewhere other Place where they asked you to show your Iqama. Simply Show your Digital ID QR Code {Also Read Check Iqama Expiry Date Process}

Here is Video Guide How To Activate Digital Iqama

I hope this video guide is very helpful for you. For More information about Digital iqama is Given below.

How To Activate Digital Iqama in Bank?

You can also activate your digital iqama in the bank. The Process of activation is also simple like Absher Process. The Bank will also use the Absher Individuals app for your Digital iqama activation. If you are already registering on Absher then they will ask you for your id, otherwise, the Bank will create your Absher account first and then activate your id with the same above mention process.

So I suggest you activate your Digital Iqama ID Online by using Absher Process. For More information about Iqama Visit our site


Frequently Asked Question.

What is Digital Iqama?

Digital Iqama is a Modified Digital Form of Iqama in KSA. Saudi Arabia announced this System For ex-pats and Citizens to Protect peoples From Many Problems Like iqama Lost, Iqama Stolen, and much more.

Benefits Of Digital Iqama?

Digital Iqama has Many Benefits Like

  • No need to Carry Iqama in Pocket
  • No Problem of Iqama Lost
  • No Tention of Iqama Stolen
  • It can be renewed online in Just a Few Minutes.
  • You can use this digital id for all transaction

What is the Fee For Digital Iqama Activation?

The Digital iqama activation is Free of Cost. No Fee for this activation. This is the best step for Saudi Arabia Government For Expats and Citizens.



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