Check Iqama Kafeel Name 2020

Check iqama Kafeel name

Check iqama kafeel name method is very difficult. But today I will show you a very simple and easy way to check iqama kafeel name 2020. If you want to check complete details about your iqama then read this article carefully. After that, you can easily find all the important information about your iqama.

You can also check iqama status, Iqama expiry date, check iqama huroob & iqama fees on our website.

Lets start the Topic about Kafeel name checking the Service. this Service is Only Founded in KSA. Means Suadi Arabia and Here you can Check your Owner Ship. Mostly this type of information you need that time when you want to Change your Owner Ship. This Owner Ship shows on your iqama and iqama always Shows your Whole Details to an one other. All the Saudi Arabia Professional Details is Saved on Iqama Number.

How to check Iqama Kafeel Name

كيفية التحقق من اسم إقامة كفيل

We All Know What is the Iqama. And Why its Use for. Most of Us have Iqama in Saudi Arabia. If we r Working Here. It’s the Most Important Part to get Iqama For Working or Living in Saudi Arabia. Because iqama Has the Permit of the Permission in Saudi that Visit any Place in Saudi Anywhere.

It’s to the Main factor that You have The Iqama For All Activities. And Its also Get know about Your Kafeel Data. Means to Say What the Level Have Your Kafeel and Whats the Real Name of Your Kafeel Etc.

In Saudi Arabia Most of the  Persons Noting Any Enough Details about there Kafeel. Kafeel is the Person Who provides the Iqama to You For Working or any Job in Saudi Arabia. In this Against of Service he Will be Charge some Amount which is Also Decided between. Kafeel or Iqama Person. It also Means the kafeel is the Type of Sponsor. Here Different Methods to Know Your Kafeel name But we Will Discuss Only the Important and Value Able Methods. Lets Starts.

  • Fist of All Open Your Passport and Check the Stamp on it to get to know Your Kafeel name.
  • Then ask form the Your Sponsor or Human Resource Management Department About it.
  • Check all the Relevant Details form the Main Site of Ministry of Labor Saudi Arabia ( MOL)


Check Kafeel Name Status By MO

 Mo is the Site Which Provides The Main Details About the Iqamas Basic Issues. And it’s a Main Site Where You can Easily Check Iqama Kafeel Name with Also Iqama Status and Other Information. But Here We Will Just Explain You the Main Point which is Check Iqama Kafeel Name status with MO Site.

1. Here Log in MO Site With Your User name And Password( Only Log in this Site By own Password and User name With Official MO site)

  • First Click to E-dashboard Where All the Information Located Here.
  • Here You Will See Also the Sponsor name with the Sponsor ID

It’s the Fastest and Easily Method to Check Iqama Kafeel name.

Check Kafeel Name With VISA

Visa is the Main Permit to Enter Any Country with Out Visa You cant Entered in Any other Country. Because it’s the Permission of the Govt for Entrance Your Self in There Country.

So You can Also Track Down or Check Iqama Kafeel Name By this.

  • Now Open or Take the Visa Copy in Your Hand.
  • Open the Page Which is the Stamped with Saudi Govt.
  • Here Find the Sajal Which Shows the Client Name and Number.
  • It’s the Iqama Kafeel name or Sponsors

iqama check kafeel name

Human Resource Management Office Saudi Arabia Method

Human Resource Management is Also the Office Which based on Resolve the Issues Seems Like it. And This is the Main Office which Saves Your Whole Details for may Be use in Future. To Get Check Kafeel Name by the Human Resource Department. Its Simple Ask Form Your Company Human Departme.

Check Iqama Kafeel Name With Absher Application.  

Some time in Saudi Arabia Many of the Workers Doing Job in Different Departments With Out Knowing Info About His/her Sponsors or Kafeel. And Every One Know That Many of the People Working as Refer in other Companies By the Behalf of Kafeel. You Can Also Check All Steps in Arabic Guidelines.

Here We Are Sharing Most Common and Mostly using Method For Check Iqama Kafeel Name With Absher Application. We will Explain here 2 Ways for Check iqama Kafeel Name. Firstly with video Guidelines and Secondly with  Written Content.

Firstly Open the Main Portal of the Absher Application By the Website.

How to Check Iqama Expiry Date

Here Put the Iqama Digits Identity Number Which is Almost based on 14 Digits. And Next Type You are Secret Password which You have Already. Means This Password You are Created that time When you Register this Site. If You are Not Register this Site Before and You are New Here then Click to This post Which is About to How To Register Absher Application .

how to Check Iqama Expiry Date

When You are Done and Complete all the Details and Filed the all Boxes with the Right way Which is Required. Then Click to Log in Button Which is Green Button in the Image For the Check Iqama Kafeel Name with Absher Application New Update. Now An OPT Code Sends by the This Site on You are Register Cell Phone Number.

Here Put the Right Code and Get Access for Next Steps.

Check iqama Kafeel name

Here You Are, Account Will, Be Opened and All the Details are on the Main Page. Just You Have to Do click on Right Upper Coner Side where is You are Profile Image Showing. Or Click that Place Where You are Name or Pic is Showing for the Check iqama Kafeel Name.

How to Check iqama Kafeel name

After the Click on the Profile or Dashboard Button. Now You will Face this Type of Screen Which is Showing in the ScreenShot. Here You have to click to Mention Heading which is More Details. Check Iqama Kafeel name and All the Other Details You Will Locate here.


check iqama Kafeel name in Saudi Arabia

Look here you Will Read All the information which is Mention in ScreenShot. Meas to Say You Can Check Name, Issue Date of iqama , Visa Information, Job information with this check Iqama kafeel Name Also Here. Kafeel name is Also the Sponsor Name So this is You are Iqama Kafeel name.

Here an Other Important Information which is Best to Know always by Your Self. If You are Kafeel’s name or Sponsor Name Changed. Its Means that you are Sponsor Ship Transferred Some One Els. Here You Can also check the Top Trending Topic How to Check Iqama Huroob & Iqama Fees.

Check Kafeel name By Iqama Number

You can also check Kafeel name by Iqama Number Its Easy to Check. Simple Read out the Current Method which is Already Describes in the Article. Focus on each Heading and Read Out the Phragphic which is You want to Need. Check iqama kafeel name by iqama Number is Also means to Check iqama Kafeel Name.

To Get it in Shortly all the information then watch the Video which is Most Rare and Short Way to Check Kafeel Name By iqama Number.

Iqama Check Kafeel Name Via Visa.

We All Know Here That we can Do one Thing With Different Methods. Because Some Method we Can’t be Understand or Some Times Some Method Does Not Work for Us. in This Case We Try Different Methods. So Here We Also Telling About One More Method to Check iqama kafeel name or Iqama Check Kafeel name with Visa.

To View this Information Take You are Passport in You are hand. And Open It Where the Visa Stamp Done By the Govt. Here You Can Check iqama Kafeel name with the Word Finding SaJal.  Sajal Means the Kafeel ID. And Its also Means the Sajal is You Are Kafeel. Moreover, if You are Sponsored Ship Transferred by the Kafeel Then You Can only Iqama Check Kafeel  Name by the Online Data Portal Site or Absher.

Check Kafeel name by iqama

Kafeel Name By Company HRM Department.

You can Also Get Know or Check iqama Kafeel Name By Human Resource Department. Means To Every Company which is working in Saudi Arabia Here They All Have a Specific Department. Which Know as HRM Department. And it’s an Only Department Which Focus or Inquiry All of the Personal and Professional Details of  Worker. And You can here Directly ask You are Sponsor Name. Because This Department Has all the Information about You.

 kafeel Name via Ministry of Labour.

Iqama Check Kafeel name via the Ministry of Labour is another method for checking Kafeel Name in Saudi Arabia. Recently the Ministry of the Labour Updated the Site. So Firstly Go to the Ministry of Labour Site. Which is Updated. Make Sure You are cell Phone Browser Supported the Full-Screen Page Or Its Better to Install Any Good Web Browser in You are Cell Phone For the Iqama Check kafeel Name.

  • Open You are Web Browser and Open the main Site MOL in Suadi Arabia.( To Iqama Check Kafeel Name by this site is Important that You have Absher Account if You have not then Click How to make Absher Account)

iqama Check Kafeel Name

Click Here For the First Step. Which is Mention in the ScreenShot for Understanding Better Steps to Steps After It Clicks to Next  Step Which is Highlight with Fill Color Arrow For the Next Details Explore Iqama Check Kafeel Name? Now Lets Start Another Simple Step With Image Screen Shot.

Now Click on The Maktab ul Amal Which is in the Arabic Language. If You Can not Understand the Arabic Language then Follows the Image Mention Arrow Button or Link. Which is Helps to Find the iqama Kafeel Name Chek.

iqama check kafeel name With MOL

Now Click on Link where the Arrow point is Pointed.  Here You will Find Many Links or Options for Different Details Explore But You have to Follow only Mention link which is Already Pointed with Arrow. See the Image which is Below here.

How to Check Kafeel name

it’s the Last Step for Iqama Check Kafeel Name. Here You Will Easy Find the Kafeel name Which is You are Looking For. Rember All these Type of information only you can Acess that time When You have the Absher Account.


How to check Name of kafeel?

how to check name of kafeel with Different Local Methods. These Methods are Too much Simple and Easy to Access able. Means You can Also Get check Name of Kafeel to visiting the Visa Agency. Visa Agency is Iqama Providing Local Companies Who Contract with Different Saudi Kafeels. Jawazat is Another Main Way For How to Check Name of Kafeel. This means its a Whole Department based on These Types of Information. You Can Locate Jawazat Office in Saudi Arabia by Click this ( Jawazat Saudi Offices ).


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