Check iqama Kafeel name

Check Iqama Kafeel Name in 2021 Saudi

Know about your iqama kafeel name With different offline and online methods.  Before Starting Our Main Topic, I Strongly Advice you, Please Read the Fully Topic and then Start the process to Check Iqama Kafeel’s name in Saudi Arabia. And After Reading fully Topic if you face any trouble then please write a Comment,

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Lets, Talk About our Main and Key Topic of about the iqama. mostly of Person have iqama in hand but it’s not Truly to Say that, All that type of person also knows their own Kafeel name, So, today I select this topic to tell you a method to check the iqama kafeel name, Here are the Details about down here. Check Latest Article on our site { How To Activate Digital Iqama}

How To Check Iqama Kafeel Name?

  • Way 1 Via Passport.

In way 1 You can also check Your Kafeel name by Your Passport. It’s an easy and short process about this. You have to Open Your Passport and Check the Paper where the Suadi Arabia Stamp is Made. On that Paper, you can also Check your Kafeel Name.

  • Way 2 Via Other Sources

You can also Know about the kafeel Name with the Help of your Sponsor. And Some Causes your Sponsor is also your Kafeel. if your Working in Private Organization then You can take the help of the Human Resource Management Department. Simply Ask from them about your Kafeel.

  • Way 3 With Online Portal Website Or E-Services.

Now a Days, online Portal websites are one of the best info providing Platform about your Services and Details. Means Here you can easily check Your all Details about your all Services. For the Example Ministry of Interior Website by the Suadi Arabia Here you can also Check your Kafeel name. And its process mention above down Here.

All Details About it Available here.


Through Ministry of Interior E-Services Portal.

in Suadi Arabia, Many of the Sites and E-Services Portal Are Providing Details about Iqama and other Services. And Moi is one of them where you can check easily about the Details of iqama. if Your Working in Saudi Arabia for a long time. Then I Am Sure that you have already some about info about this online E-Services portal. So, Here the other Details.


Simple Go to Moi Website Portal and Acces the Profile details. These details you can get that time when you have your own Register Username and Password.

  • Now You have to go Dashboard where all the other tabs also you can see about the Different Categories.
  • And Here you can View also your Kafeel name with your Kafeel Sponsor ID.

This way is the Most Common Short way to check these details.

Check Kafeel Name With VISA Permit

Visa is the Firstly Approving Permission for Entry in Saudi Arabia. Because You have to Firstly Apply this process via the Mofa E-Services Website or any other way for the example with the help of Visa Agents Etc.

And Here on Visa, you Can easily Short out your Kafeel name Details,

  • Locate your Visa Copy or If you have a visa then open your visa.
  • Now You have to Open That page where Your Saudi visa Approve Stamp is Punish by Suadi Govt.
  • Look any Word which is  Sajal on Your visa Permit.
  • And its the kafeel name and His Sponsor ID.

iqama check kafeel name


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