Check Iqama huroob

Check iqama Huroob in 2020 New Method

Basically it’s the Sponsor of Saudi Expats Which has Reported to the Jawazat ( Jawazat is the Office Where Deals the All Iqama Issues and Here also Issued the Iqamas) That the Saudi Expat Under His Sponsorship and All These of Activities Run Away and is Not Responsible to Reporting Sponsor or Kafeel.

These Types of the Cases always Coming that Cases When the Saudi Expat. When the Saudi Expat Employee has Not been Coming to Work With Out to Informing His Employer.

Here the Fully Intro About this Article. You can read all the interactions and Details of this one. where all the Basic Core Steps are explained with Fully heading. How over if you still Facing any type of Error or network problem then please change the method to Check this one. Each method is Different from one to another so Do not worry about any type of problem. If one method is not working then change another Method.

How To Check iqama Huroob Status?

Step 1: Follow the method to check the Iqama Huroob by the official website. First of All, You have to Sing Up one this Site (Click Here For Site )

Check Iqama Huroob


Step 2: In this column, you have to write a 14 Digit Iqama Number. In the Giving Box with and put down the security code before access. When you have done all the process then click on the process

When you have done all process then you will the get the Result which you want to see

In Saudi Arabia Here Mostly Ways to get Banned. Because of Stick Rules and Other Stick Problems. So to Save Your Self Form All these Types of Problems. You can Also Check the Iqama Status and other Iqama details Which is Usually Every One Have to know. All these types of Information For Needed Please Visit Our Home Page. All the Shortly and Informative Methods are Available here.


Check iqama Huroob By the Ministry of Interior Inquiry.

Ministry of Interior is the Department Who Responsible for All the National Level Securities. And it’s also that Site Where You Can Check Iqama Huroob.

  • Before Searching Any Thing Other first of All go to Main Site of Ministry of Interior ( Search This live in Google You will Find Easily Official Site or Ministry of Interior KSA)
  • Here Search the Inquiry Status Check
  • Put Your iqama Full Number and Check the Comments And Huroob on It,.

STEP 2 Check Iqama Huroob form Check iqama Status

How to Remove Iqama Huroob.

First of All, We Wish You Will Never Get any Huroob on Your iqama. In case By any Mistake or Any Misunderstanding of Anyone, You get Huroob on Your Iqama. which is To hard to Understand in Saudi Arabia to get Save out of it. But Whenever Some One Hanged in Trouble and Try to find a way to Get Ride of it. So we All Know That one Way Always be Here to get out All of these Troubles be Save Just We Have to Find Out That way. And Here We are Discussing Some of the important ways which Help You To Remove iqama Huroob. So Read All the Article Be Careful. So let’s Start the Main Heading How to Remove Iqama Huroob.

Iqama Huroob Cancellation Methods.

You are Always Get Huroob on Iqama That Time When Ever Your Company or Kafeel Put Application on it. In Other Words, Huroob Always Issued on Iqama that Time When Your Kafeel or Company Appeal for it. So Here the Some of Easy Method For Iqama Huroob Cancellation.

Request to Your Kafeel

Kafeel is Always Know About All these types of Problems. And He Also knows How to get Ride of if. Because of The Kafeel is a Citizen of Saudi Arabia and in Saudi Arabia, the Every Kafeel know Better and Deeply all the Rules and information about it. And Some Times Mostly Kafeel is the Person Who Requests for Issued Huroob on iqama. So Always When Ever You Get any Huroob on Iqama Firstly try to Get Help You Are Kafeel.

Social Organization and Social Workers.

Mostly we Listened That Our Relative or Any Our Friend Get Huroob on iqama Without Out any Reason. These Types of Problems Occurs that Time When You are Kafeel or Company is Bad. These Types of Companies and Kafeels get Work form the Iqama Holder by Doing Black Mail. So Do Not Worry When Ever any company or Kafeel Put or Appeal for Huroob with Out Any reason. Then Quickly Report it to the govt. Now the Question is How We Have to Report the govt. Its Simple Just Go to The Main Site of MOL. And Here click to Contact us and Write Emails and Send it to the Officials of This Site.

Pay the Fines

This is the last step if the first two methods are not working then you can go to its official office. You can get all the details from the office which is useful for you. In the office, you can check your iqama expiry and status. here ask or try to get know all about your Iqama fines pay it.

Mostly the Person Who are the Under Status of iqama Huroob. The Are Ban for Saudi Arabia for 5 years. And in this Period your All the Bank Accounts and other Saudi Arabia Popularity Will Also Get Under the Govt. Means After getting Huroob on Iqama Your Not Longer Them for These Things.


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