Check iqama Fees in Saudi Arabia During Covid-19

Check iqama Fees

Check iqama New Fees in Saudi Arabia

Here I am going to tell you fee charges about iqama which is decided directly from the government of Saudia Arabia for iqama holders. As we know that if you are working in Saudia Arabia you have to apply for iqama and you have to pay iqama fee so read this section carefully.

Check iqama Fees in Saudi Arabia With The Rate of Simple Calculation.

There are several organizations which are giving work visa to workers and here I will tell you that if you are working under any organization what will you pay for iqama fee.

If you are working in an organization where are 50% are Saudi residents then there you have to pay less amount for iqama fee compare then others who are working under one  you can see fee charges which is given below.

Check iqama fees      Check Iqama Fees 2020











A way for How To  Check Iqama Fees Paid in Saudi Arabia With Al Rajhi Bank

If you are an iqama holder you know that iqama has an expiry date and you have to apply for iqama renewal before its expiry and there are some online ways for this purpose in which to find out that what is iqama fee and AL=L Rajhi bank is one of them with the help of you can get information related to iqama fee.

How to Check Iqama Fees Status

With the help of these pictures, you can get how to check iqama fee with the help of Al Rajhi bank easily just follow these steps.

When you will open this app you will find an option which is Payments after clicking on this option you have to click on the MOI payments option.

Check the Iqama Fees with Bank

When you will click on MOI payments you will see more options on your screen also a picture is given where you can several options after clicking MOI payments. You have to click the Expatriate service.

Check Iqama Fees with Iqama Status

When you will click on the Expatriate service you will find that there are some options which you have to select first. In first option, you will select paments and second option renew iqama also you can see a picture for this process. after this step, you can see that they are asking you for your iqama ID and a time period to fill these will see a step of confirmation also where you can see all your selected option see them again and if everything is according to you then click on the confirm.



How to Check Iqama Status


After completing all steps now you can see all details about your iqama renewal.

Office of the Iqama Issued Department in Saudi Arabia.

Check Iqama Fees it’s our Main Topic Which we Clearly Defined You in First Article. Some Times You have Not to Get Your  Accurate  Answer . Because Your Not Have the Queries To Explain Your Question and This Way You can also net Get the Right Way of Your Aim. So To understand This Salutation Here We r Explains Some Offices Which You Have to help to Resolve All the Iqama Problems.

How to Check iqama Fees in Saudi Jawaat office in Saudi Arabia.

if you are working in Saudia Arabia or want to work in Saudia Arabia then read this section carefully as here i am going to tell all about iqama renewal and how to apply for new iqama ( new iqama for those who wants to work in Saudia Arabia ) and iqama renewal for those who are already working in Saudia Arabia but their iqama is going to expire.

Saudia Jawaat is a department of Saudia Arabia government who issued iqama for new in this section you can see all required things related to the iqama renewal fee and for new iqama.if you don’t know that how can you apply for your iqama renewal then don’t worry as here I am going to tell all information about this topic after reading this section insha’Allah you will be able to apply for your iqama renewal. As this department is all about iqama.

First, let me tell some information about this department means where is this department located what this placed called I am giving you a picture of google map where you can see the right address of this department which is located in Saudia Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Iqama Office in Riyadh

Damman Iqama Office Saudi Arabia


Top Best Saudi Arabia Companies Where 50 Above Saudi Employees

Saudi Aramco The Company of Govt

As I told you before that if you will work in an organization or under a company where 50% Saudi people are already working there you will pay less iqama fee and now I am going to tell you about a company where you can apply for this.

Saudi Aramco is the one of the old companies in Saudia Arabia its almost working from 20 years ago under the government of Saudia Arabia. This company is all about oil and gas and we all know that Saudia is famous for his oil and gas and also that they earn a lot from this every year nowadays every country wants to be rich like Saudia is now in Oil and gas. Oil and gas are required for every country. According to a report this company is the largest company which is producing oil and gas but in 2012 due to a virus attack production of this company went slow as it was a Cyberattack as well.


This company has almost 7000+ employers who are Saudi means 50% of workers are Saudi residents means if you got a job there then you will get some great facilities.

Final Words.

Here I told you all about iqama and its process but if you are any type of question-related to iqama in your mind or if I missed something which you are looking for then don’t worry you can contact us and i will answer your questions.



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