Check Iqama Status & Expiration 2021 With MOL & Absher

Here we first talk about what Is Iqama?, How To check iqama status? and why it is necessary and in which country it is widely used? and what is its condition of Iqama?.  So the use of IQAMA is very high in the Saudi government and what is reported here is very high and strict.

Iqama is a Permit or permission of a letter to Work in Saudi Arabia as a noncitizen. The status of iqama means knowing all the required things about iqama like the expiration date, Huroob, validity, and much more. Many iqama holders working as a labor in KSA.

The Saudi government is very strict when it comes to labor policy compliance and immigration, especially for those who are foreigners and those who go to work there in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. So before working for a non-Saudi citizen They need a local Kafeel before they can work, which allows them to work on a daily permit. This is a local Kafeel who will apply and protect the employee’s work permit and residence  (Iqama) required to apply to work and live in the country Of Suadi Arabia.

The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Residence Permit Is Known The Named Of Iqama Or Muqeem. IQAMA is used in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia to manage foreign rentals For Stay Here. Immigrants coming to Saudi Arabia on employment visas have been issued an IQAMA or Iqama permit For Stay And Work.

Saudi Arabia Launched New Digital Iqama on 07.01.2021. Now You Need To Activate Digital Iqama. Here is a Process How To Activate Digital iqama?

How Does the Iqama Application Process

The following outlines work authorization for All To foreign employees And Workers in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

The local hosting company needs to apply for block visa approval from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.
If they don’t already have one.  visas are within the quota issued by the MLSD, which allows institutions to sponsor foreign national employees for long-term work permits On the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Block visas are issued based on applicants’ nationality, country of origin, and educational qualifications, And All Other Detail For Workers.

How To Check Iqama Status Online?

Iqama status

Check your iqama status online in Few seconds using two Professional and trusted methods.

  1. Ministry of Labor Method
  2. Absher Method

Method No 1. Check Your Iqama Status By Website Of Absher

Here Some Steps For Checking Your Iqama Status On Absher Site In Few Simple Steps So Lets Follow

Step 1. Going To WebPage On This Site By Simple Search On Google And Tape Of This Link

Step 2. Know The Site Will Be Open First Chang Language on Frome The Top Menu And select Your language English Urdu or Arabic.

Step 3. Now Log in With your Absher Username or Password. If You Have Not A Account of Absher Then Click On Create  New Account And Enter Your Details Like Name Birthday email Address And Make A Absher Account.
Then Simply Log In.

Step 4. After login, You Find A Option on The Dashboard Of Absher Account. Name Of This option Query Iqama Status Click On This Option.

Step 5. Now A New Page Will Be open First You Enter Your Iqama Number On First Box Then Click And Go To Second Box Type Here Image Code You See After This Click On View Button To Show All Details Of Your IQama.

Step 6. You Can Also Use Absher App for checking the status of your Iqama this app available on the play store and its free.

Method No 2: How To Check Iqama Status With Ministry Of Labor Website (MOL Kingdom of Saudia Arabia)

Check iqama status with Mol
This Is The Easiest Way To Check Iqama status Or Expiry Date Of IQama By Following These Simple Steps.

First Step: Visit The Ministry Of Labor Website By Clicking On This Link Or Search By the Of This Site

Second Step: Set English Language From The Top Menu. Then Enter Your IQAMA Number On The Box Of IQama Number And Second box Enter Your Date Of Birth Fill Captcha Box And Click On Check.

Third Step: After Loading All The Details Of Your Iqama Come There And You Easily See Your Iqama Status or Expiry Date.

Methods No 3: Also You Can Check Iqama Colour Status Online With The Help Of the Ministry Of Labor Website.
For This Simply Going On This Site Link Of this Is.

Click On This Know Enter Your Iqama Number, Border Number, or Your visa Number On Showing Boxes Then Click On Check status Button.

After This In the next Window, You See All Status Details of your Iqama Like Expire date, Iqama status Colour, Status Of Employment, Number of Work permit Number, or All Details.

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